Sock WIPS are Out of Control

Anyone else addicted to knitting sock? Over the past month it has gotten out of control! I have 6 socks on the needles! Everything from vanilla socks to patterned socks to color work socks....
Craggy Shores by The Blue Mouse

Socks are one of my favorite knits. They travel easily, making them perfect for this busy mom. I throw them in my bag and they come with me to soccer games, work, doctor's offices and car rides. 
Waiting for Henry Socks by Tabitha Gandee 

Obviously not while I'm driving, I make my husband drive everywhere. I did have a chance to drive a Tesla, or more accurately have the Telsa drive me. My initial reaction was I need one of these. Think of how much knitting I could get done on my drive into work. My thoughts were quickly deflated when I discovered you have to keep your hands on the wheel even though the car is driving itself. Maybe someday the technology will be there. 

Williamsburg Socks by Jaclyn Salem

My focus for the month of March is getting all of these socks finished! I recently ordered 52 Weeks os Socks from Laine and want to dive right in however if I add another project bag to my pile in the living room my husband just might kill me :) 

What are your go to projects?   
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